On this space Red Hill students and teachers can keep us all up to date with their fund raising events and ideas.

12th September

News just in .... Red Hill's recent walkathon, for amongst other causes, our Watambune project has raised a total of $600.00. This is fantastic news and adds to our ever increasing total. We are waiting for some pictures of your event.
Well done!

6A have been brainstorming ideas this morning for ways to raise money for the Watambune School Building Project.
Some of our ideas have been guessing competitions, lucky dips, sports days, busking by our year 6 band, African Drumming performance, raffles, talent show. We are keen to get started so your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, students from 6A.

Hi 6A, These all sound like great ideas, perhaps also you'd like to participate in our Walkathon next term.
Great news that Mrs Shah has been able to sell 5 boxes of Romy handcreams - that makes a $1000.00 donation from Red Hill. many thanks to all those who contributed. I will raise the fund raising thermometer up!
Mrs South

Jelly bean Guessing Competition
6A have been busy raising money through a jelly bean guessing competition. We raised a total of $42.00. The kids were so excited and made reference to 'getting one lot of building equipment over the mountain'. While the amount is small and the need is great - it was wonderful to see them engaged and taking action and gaining the knowledge that everyone can contribute.