Our Partners

Cranbrook Junior School, Sydney

Cranbrook Junior School is located in Rose Bay in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. It is a K-6 boys school with approximately 450 students. Our Community Committee has taken on the task to work with our partner schools to help raise funds for a new school building at Watambune.
At Cranbrook we are lucky enough to have a new school building this year ourselves and we are really looking forward to helping another community achieve the same and enjoy the excitement of a new learning environment too.
Our aim is to not only raise the money, but also to raise awareness and learn about Sulawesi and the children who live there and to connect with our partners and learn about them as well.

Red Hill Primary School, Canberra

Red Hill is a public primary school in in Canberra, ACT. it has an enrolment of approximately 600 children. Red Hill is an IBO world school. All classes are involved in the Watambune fund raising, and contributions have been made from all levels of the school. The SRC is a committed group of students that are assisting to guide some of the fund raising efforts.

ACG School, Jakarta

ACG is located in South Jakarta. It is a K-12 english speaking school for expat and local students reflecting a diverse range of nationalities. In the Primary school learns through the IB PYP framework. ACG has connections through global projects with Cranbrook - particularly the Bear Exchange Project which is now in its third year.

Salvation Army Education Korps, Palu, Central Sulawesi


The Qantas Helping Hands Community is a dedicated group of Qantas employees who work in both Australia and Indonesia in a number of areas of need. Primarily in Indonesia the group assists communities to improve their health and education. Projects they are currently involved in include food rescue, assistance to several orphanages and a blind school for children, a trash scavenging community and the school building projects in Palu, Sulawesi. In 2010, with the assistance of a UNICEF grant to Qantas, the QHHC funded the building of their first school at Bambakanini. Members of the group travelled to Sulawesi to be at the opening of the this school in November. The QHHC are proud to be associated with the schools and the Salvation Army Education Korps, Central Sulawesi to work towards the building of the second school in the area at Watambune.

Agility Logistics and ACM Sydney

Both these organisation have pledged funds to our Watambune School Building Project as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. We thank them for their continued support of our project.